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We build websites on Amazon Web Services.

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We are a talented and dedicated team of professionals ready to build any interesting web projects. We are capable of almost anything. We do website development, web applications and web services alike. Wether it's for your mobile application, e-commerce or an IOT device, we are the team you want.

We want you to see your web project as an investment. We will work hard to help you bring value out of your web project by leveraging our past experiences from many industries. We will help make your business grow.

Before anything else, we are craftsmen and we take pride in our work. Many people see it as a job, we see it as an opportunity to create something great. We want to be able to look at a project and be proud of having built it.

Our Craft

We integrate designs for web designers, we build REST Apis for mobile applications, we build web services for desktop applications and we develop cloud softwares. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to do so. AWS allows us to develop serverless web applications that are:

  1. Available.

    Serverless applications are cloud-based. Web applications developped on top of Amazon Web Services are available almost everywhere in the world. Its web content is always served locally. Wether you are a non-US business and or an international business, local web servicing is a must-have.

  2. Secure.

    Amazon Web Services is secured and maintained by Amazon top engineers. It is by default very secure. At Kumoweb, we apply the industry's best practices to protect your data and your customers.

  3. Cheaper.

    By developping on a central architecture with a community-driven Framework (Serverless Framework), we are able to develop rich web applications faster. We make you save money by being serverless.

  4. Reliable.

    Amazon Web Services architecture is distributed. This protects it from servers crash or power surges. We build 99.99% uptime web services.

  5. Complete.

    By building application on Amazon Web Services, you give your business the tools to grow. At Kumoweb, we are able to integrate any service offered by Amazon Web Services. This unlocks a wide-range of features for your web application including web messaging, email management and video processing.

  6. Fast.

    Amazon Web Service is blazingly fast. You can trust an architecture which giants have chosen. NASA, Airbnb and BMW are all on Amazon Web Services.

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